Sense/Net 6.5.3 Community Edition

A new public Community Edition is available for Sense/Net ECM! As always, we offer new features and many bug fixes.

Please review the changes and new features and give a feedback on our forum!

Main new features

  • Speedup: indexing and security activities
  • Customizable content naming
  • Login through OData

Speedup: indexing and security activities

This is a huge improvement for projects where there are many activities happening in the Content Repository at the same time: in previous versions the indexing subsystem handled all operations in a single queue, making completely independent operations wait for each other. This is not the case anymore: our improved activity queue is able to execute independent activities in a parallel way so that users will get a faster response.

Customizable content naming

Finally, developers get the chance to customize the behaviour of the system when a content name must be generated (e.g. from the display name or when you upload a document). We offer two built-in content naming providers for you to choose from, but of course you can develop your own too.

Login through OData

This is a first step toward a more open content repository: now it is possible to log in to the portal through our OData REST API. This is useful for custom mobile applications or 3rd party portals that want to access the Content Repository using cross-origin ajax calls.

Give it a go!

To download Sense/Net 6.5.3 Community, click here!


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