Sense/Net ECM 6.5

Sense/Net released a new version of the ECM, Sense/Net ECM 6.5. The solution has gone through a whole bunch of performance and stability improvements affecting both the Community and Enterprise versions.


For organizations with a lot of data, processing information has always been a performance bottleneck, mostly because of the architecture of systems. 

The resources used for obtaining this information are the same ones that serve visitors. Not anymore. With the decoupled Task Manager component, you can now choose machines other than your web and database servers to perform consuming tasks.

Document viewer

The document preview module introduced in Sense/Net ECM 6.3 was one of the most acclaimed features we had in the past couple of years. We decided to make it even better. 

The new preview functionality has more features and is more flexible than its predecessor. We are positive you’ll love it. Plus with the task manager, preview generation can now be outsourced to external machines.


We’ve been working very hard in the past couple of months on making the system more secure and more scalable than ever. 

As a result, we’ve come up with a completely remodeled security component, which allows us to check and modify permissions lightning fast.


Of course, apart from all of the above, we’ve squashed loads of bugs and tweaked a lot of things to make the system fast and reliable. Interested? Check out our changelog!

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