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Have you ever needed to browse through a big bunch of Office files? When you have to download, open, scroll, close for each document one by one? When you have to do this like 200 hundred times? Did you enjoy it? No one does.

With Document Preview, you can page through documents without downloading, without even leaving your browser. And you don’t even need a plugin, so no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX (yuck), only pure html and JavaScript. So pure it even works on tablet browsers. And it saves you bandwidth, because you do not have to download large files.


How it works? Pretty simple concept, but hard to code. Good news is that we did the coding for you already. As soon as a document is saved (uploaded or changed) a workflow starts converting the file into preview images. It uses a third party component to convert files into images and also to PDFs. When you preview the file, a Javascript based rich UI manipulates the images, so you can scroll, zoom, pan and page through them. You can also add highlights, annotations and redactions.

To see the preview image, you do not need the Open permission, but one of the Preview permissions is enough.

Summarizing it:

  •         Preview documents without downloading, right in your browser
  •         No plugin or installation needed
  •         Scroll, zoom, pan and page
  •         Thumbnails
  •         Works on tablets
  •         Reusable JavaScript code
  •         Save bandwidth
  •         Highlights, annotations and redactions
  •         Watermark
  •     Use the preview GUI in your own development as components

For more details, visit the wiki documentation:

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