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During projects it is sometimes necessary to use custom query templates. For example, if you want to gather content that was created not longer ago than one year with respect to the current date. In lucene query this is impossible to define, but you can always create your own custom template replacer. The trick here is to inherit from LucQueryTemplateReplacer. Here is an example from the product:


public class PortalLucQueryTemplateReplacer : RepositoryLucQueryTemplateReplacer
        private static readonly string[] objectNames = new[] { "currentsite""currentworkspace"
            "currentpage""currentcontent" };
        public override IEnumerable<string> ObjectNames
            get { return objectNames; }
        public override string EvaluateObjectProperty(string objectName, string propertyName)
            if (HttpContext.Current == null || PortalContext.Current == null)
                return base.EvaluateObjectProperty(objectName, propertyName);
            switch (objectName.ToLower())
                case "currentsite":
                    return GetProperty(PortalContext.Current.Site, propertyName);
                case "currentworkspace":
                    return GetProperty(PortalContext.Current.ContextWorkspace, propertyName);
                case "currentpage":
                    return GetProperty(PortalContext.Current.Page, propertyName);
                case "currentcontent":
                    return GetProperty(PortalContext.Current.ContextNode, propertyName);
                    return base.EvaluateObjectProperty(objectName, propertyName);



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Miklós Tóth
9/18/2011 11:02:17 AM #

Check the wiki for more details Smile

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