Localizing javascripts

Sense/Net comes with built-in Localization features to enable users to translate their sites and/or change language settings of pages by a single click. The CMS also provides means for developers to make javascripts localizable. This comes handy when you are developing Ajax features that create Html DOM elements with labels, or simply work with labels. To access a resource class, simply include the following tag at the very top of the javascript file:

// resource MyClass

This tag must be placed in the same block as all other javascript dependency definitions, like:

// using $skin/scripts/SN/SN.Util.js
// resource MyClass

From here onwards you are able to access the provided string resource keys via the SN.Resources object as simple strings. For example:

var labelText = SN.Resources.MyClass.LabelText;

The SN.Resource.<className> object contains all the keys that are defined in the CMS for the given class, for the actual language settings.

More information: http://wiki.sensenet.com/index.php?title=Localizing_javascripts

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