Tutorial: Applying for a job position using Survey

Let's assume that you have an IT company and you're looking for new employees for a bigger project. You have a website powered by Sense/Net but you never created any Survey with it. This tutorial will help you to create a survey for people who applies to your job offer. At first our job is to figure out what questions we want to ask from the candidates.

Survey question planning

On the first page of the survey we gather some personal information:Your name

  • Date of birth
  • Work experience
  • Are you a student?

Since the candidate can be a student we would like to know which school is he or she attending to:

  • Name of school
  • Major
  • Expected graduation date

He or she might be graduated and have already had some work experience, right? These questions could be on the next page:

  • Have you worked in a team?
  • Have you ever led a team?
  • Programming skills

Working well in a team is a great strength especially when you're the leader of them. If the candidate was a leader, then:

  • How big was the team you led?

Finally, let's talk about money:

  • Expected gross salary

As you can see we defined five pages with different questions. These pages will be separated with Page breaks and we will specify rules to jump between these pages. For example if the candidate is a student then he or she will be asked about his or her education but not about work experience and those candidates who worked in a team will be asked about the size of their team as well in a separate page. Finally, all the candidates need to specify their expectations about salary. The following flowchart represents the survey:

Creating an empty survey

  1. Using the Explorer create an instance of Survey Content Type anywhere in your site and configure the general properties as it was describe in the Configuration section above
  2. In Explore mode click on the Manage questions action from the Settings scenario

Defining the questions

In the flowchart all the questions and page breaks are numbered by how the questions should follow each other. Every page with several questions is followed by a Page break except the last one.
In the following table you can see how the types of questions were defined:
QuestionField typeAvailable valuesOptions
Your name ShortText    
Date of birth DateTime   DateTime mode: Date
Work experience Choice less than 2 years
2-5 years
more than 5 years
Display choices: RadioButtons
Are you a student? YesNo Yes
PageBreak1 PageBreak   Rule:
Question: Are you a student?
Yes: 1
No: 2
Name of school ShortText    
Major ShortText    
Expected graduation date DateTime   DateTime mode: Date
PageBreak2 PageBreak   Rule:
Question: Are you a student?
Yes: 4
No: 4
Have you worked in a team? YesNo Yes
Have you ever led a team? YesNo Yes
Programming skills LongText    
PageBreak3 PageBreak   Rule:
Question: Have you ever led a team?
Yes: 3
No: 4
How big was the team you led? YesNo Yes
PageBreak4 PageBreak   Rule:
Expected gross salary ShortText  

You can create these questions by clicking on the Add field action and selecting the proper Field type.

Explanation of rules

  • Page1 rule - if the candidate is a student he or she will be redirected to Page #1 otherwise to Page #2
  • Page2 rule - we're dealing with a student so we don't want to ask questions about work experiences therefore he or she will be taken to Page #4
  • Page3 rule - if the candidate has already have experience in team work then we'd like to know more about it in Page #3 otherwise there's one more question left in Page #4
  • Page4 rule - since there's only one more page left we can leave this empty

Note: Page numbers are zero based. In other words, the first page is followed by the first page break, the second page is followed by the second page break and so on.


That's all folks. Easy as pie, isn't it? 
The flowchart has been created for a reason. It helps you build your survey. In a flowchart you can see how the user will be navigated between pages and with it setting up a survey is a lot easier. So it's recommended to create your own flowchart even using a pencil before you start any work in the portal.

You can read more about Survey in our wiki page: http://wiki.sensenet.com/index.php?title=Survey

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