Integrating a SilverLight multi-file uploader control in Sense/Net

The current version of the portal uses a Flash multi-file uploader ( to upload files to the Content Repository. This tool is fast and reliable, but since it uses Flash, it sometimes has trouble when the portal uses NTLM authentication, especially when accessed via Internet Explorer. For that reason it might be worthy to try some SilverLight upload controls, as they support NTML authentication natively. There are some great multiple file uploader controls on the web (ie.: SilverLight File Upload by darick_c or SilverLight Multi File Uploader by Michiel Post) that can be easily integrated into any existing Sense/Net solution. To do that, one will have to go through the following steps:

  • create an .ascx control to host the SilverLight application and handle upload parameters (ContentType, target path, etc.)
  • create a portlet to host the control to allow easy deployment for users
  • create a Smart Application Page with the portlet placed on it to be able to access upload functionality on folders with just by clicking on an action link
  • create a handler to process file uploads and place the uploaded files in the Content Repository

The above steps include a bit of coding and some page building, but the results are convincing. To see the detailed process on how to integrate a third-party SilverLight multi-file uploader in Sense/Net and to see an example for it check out this wiki article we have created. It shows some basic portal building techniques and walks you through the process of creating a new upload application step-by-step. It is a complete example of integrating one specific SilverLight uploader, but these uploaders work pretty much the same from the server perspective, so you should not have any problem in integrating any kind of file uploader to your Sense/Net solution:

Business Solution: Integrating a SilverLight multi-file uploader control

Props for darick_c for the great SilverLight multi-file uploader control!


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