Preventing index corruptions

We were analyzing a specific anomaly in one of our sites and it helped us to find an issue which leads to corrupt indexes in case of AppPool recycles and AppDomain restarts.

The following workaround works from Sense/Net 6.0.0, till the latest 6.0.4. We suggest you to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Application Pool of your Site in IIS then click on Advanced Settings...
    • Under Recycling set Disable Overlapped Recycle to True. This prevents another worker process to be started as long as the current worker process is running.
    • Under Recycling set Recycling for Configuration Changes to True. By setting this you need to do the AppPool recycle manually to apply the changed configuration.
  2. Site must be shut down before updating DLL files.

More about the issue: AppDomain-AppPool-recycle.pptx

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