Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community Edition .NET 4 release

I am happy to announce that we have uploaded a WebPI 3.0 package with our newest achievements. The package is called Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community Edition .NET 4 release and can be grabbed from Codeplex. Our plans with this update were to provide a painless evaluation experience plus to prepare the ground for the soon to be comming Razor/ASPNET WebPages features.

Top features are:

- .NET 4 Framework support

- SQL CE 4.0 Support

- WebMatrix based eval experience and simple development

.NET 4 Framework Support

We have converted our source to compile on .NET 4 with VS2010. This package is compiled to target the .NET 4.0 platform. From now on the Sense/Net 6.0 stack will only  have .NET 4 compatible releases as we've moved on to it's fantastic feature set. 

SQL CE 4.0 Support

Our newest offering "Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community Edition .NET 4" is the first to support SQL CE 4.0 as the storage engine underneath. Using SQL CE 4.0 is a cost efficient   SQL alternative for  small web projects - under the 4GB size / 250 concurrent visitors limit. As the SQL CE 4.0 is a local file based storage solution, you can use it in hosted scenarios and spare the SQL Server database monthly fee. 

This download does not support any other SQL Server editions then SQL CE 4.0. Nor does it support migrating your data from SQL CE to SQL Server. Support for upsizing your solution to SQL Server will be supported too in the near future, not later then the end of February.

WebMatrix evaluation and development support

It's now a couple of days still we appear in the Microsoft Web Application Gallery. After the date you'll be able to download and evaluate Sense/Net with WebMatrix and IIS Express.  This practically makes it a seamless and straightforward way to experience an Enterprise CMS in your desktop environment. No more hustle with installing and configuring IIS or the SQL Server. We are still adding in features for developing solutions built on Sense/Net 6.0 - for example our new  Razor based Content Presentation Framework. Stay tuned and watch us at the time of Mix'11.

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1/11/2011 5:19:04 AM #

Where I can get sense/net source for .net framework 4 ?

Peter Zentai
1/11/2011 12:31:48 PM #

We are in the process of creating the source package. It shouldn't take longer then a couple of days. I'll let you know when it's available.

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