Download Sense/Net 6.0 Beta5

Its here!

Release highlights

  • Content Lists (previously Listers) have been improved internally, and augmented with an intuitive user interface.
  • Workspaces are now ready for real-life deployment and everyday work.
  • We finally implemented indexing and search via Lucene.NET, boosting overall speed by several magnitudes.
  • A new permission management system has been added, boosting overall speed and providing full support for ACLs.
  • We have re-thinked the Content Type hierarchy, and in the process, removed several long-running bugs from the system.
  • We put much work into making Windows authentication function properly out-of-the-box.
  • We have integrated Microsoft ASP.NET MVC support into the product.
  • New, declarative UI hints have been added to CTDs, helping eschew cumbersome custom Content Views.
  • The newsletter module has been factored out of the main product, and will be released as an add-on in improved form in the near future.
  • Uncountable bugs have been fixed since the last release.

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