Beta5 and RTM release deliverables have changed

We reevaluated our BETA5 and RTM plans in response to some really important customer feedback. According to this: performance and reliability of the ContentQuery feature in large sized implementations are more important then the workflow feature. We also learned from our customers that the WF3 penetration is still not a factor we should consider as legacy. Therefore we won’t target WF3 as our Workflow platform – we go directly with the WF4 version. This also has impact on our final product release date as it will be aligned with the .NET 4 official release date.

So here is the new planning:

Sense/Net 6.0 Beta5 - planned release date is XMAS

Most important features:
- User defined ContentList/Spreadsheet feature (this is the feature that is called Lists in Sharepoint)
- ContentListView framework (this is the extensible GUI aspect coming from the ContentList feature set)
- Moving out the indexing/searching/NodeQuery logic from SQL Server to Lucene.Net. I’ll post about it separately, since this is  a major (but hopefully not the Great) leap forward.

Sense/Net 6.0 RC – date is end of 2010 February. This release will be what we planned as RTM and will remain in candidate state until the .NET 4.0 framework is released. Although only a release candidate the production quality of the Sense/Net features not requiring .NET 4 will be release ready.

Most important features:
- Content Workflow support feature
- Rehosted Visual Workflow designer for end user workflow creator scenarios

Sense/Net 6.0 RTM – planned release date is the .NET 4 release date.


UPDATE (2010 June 2): 
Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 5 was released with the features we planned, but the date and feature set of the final version have changed. We will release more info about it soon.

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