Sneak preview of Sense/Net Workspaces

I would like to share the first draft GUI design for a Sense/Net 6.0 Workspace. Workspaces are special containers in the Content Repository, where you can store all data related to a given thing, such as a project or some other team activity. The most common things to store in a Workspace is documents, but memos, calendar events or deadlines, images, announcements and other items are also possible. Each Workspace has a Dashboard, where the activity in the Workspace is easy to follow. This is real Enterprise Content Management in action.

The example below is a Sales workspace, where a sales team store all of its documents, memos, deadlines, announcements and a sales datasheet. The screenshot is about the dashboard, it is easy to see that it has a URL, and some portlets. One of these portlets shows the datasheet, the others show queries of changes, such as the lates memos, or upcoming deadlines.

You can see from our Beta 4 roadmap that the Workspace is our number one priority in the next release. I will post more screenshots of subpages soon.

Note: This is only a GUI plan made in Corel Draw, not a real screesnhot.

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