CMS Vendor Meme - The Sense/Net 6.0 response

Even though we have not yet been tagged by the CMS Vendor Meme started off by Day. So far we have been left out of tagging so we decided to join without being tagged. And to keep the flow going we are tagging Umbraco and DotNetNuke and Liferay to participate.



1. Our software comes with an installer program. - Not yet

As of now it does not: you have to install Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 manually. However the installer is under development and is likely to ship with the next release. 

2. Installing or uninstalling our software does not require a reboot of your machine.- Yes 

Quite the obvious question: no. Deploying .NET based solutions barely has the need for restart and we are no exception either. 

3.You can choose your locale and language at install time, and never have to see English again after that. - Sort of

Language is not chosen at install time (yet). And as of now some strings within the administration interface are still English though we are constantly localizing all interfaces.

4. Eval versions of the latest edition(s) of our software are always available for download from the company website. - Yes

There is no eval version to download: you can only download the full version. And the source code as well. Did I mention that we are open source?

5. Our WCM software comes with a fully templated "sample web site" and sample workflows, which work out-of-the-box. - Yes

It does: after having downloaded it you can start with a rich demo site.

6. We ship a tutorial. - Sort of

As of now we do not include a tutorial in the download, only some sample addon code (and of course the source code). Numerous tutorials can be accessed through the wiki though.

7. You can raise a support issue via a button, link, or menu command in our administrative interface. - No

We do not have an interface as such. Support issues can be reported via our forum or - with a license - directly at our team.

8. All help files and documentation for the product are laid down as part of the install. - Sort of

Code documentation does come with the install. However non-developer help files are not shipped with the install: these can only be found online.

9. We run our entire company website using the latest version of our own WCM products. - No

Oddly enough we run on the previous version, Sense/Net 5.5. There is a large amount of data that would have to be migrated and we have not allocated enough resources to do so as of now. We are planning on updating though.

10. Our salespeople understand how our products work. - Sort of

They understand most of it. However we often have developers help in the sales process as they are much more aware of the current state of the software in the development cycle.

11. Our software does what we say it does.- Yes

This we take very seriously. We want you to get at least what you expect.

12. We don't charge extra for our SDK. - Yes

As an open source product this is self understanding. Our SDK as of now are some sample projects. You will need to have bought Microsoft Visual Studio though to use them.

13. Our licensing model is simple enough for a 5-year-old to understand. - Sort of

We have an open source GPL license and 3 different kinds of enterprise licenses. The enterprise licenses vary in the amount of support we guarantee. The licenses are not yet public as we will only be posting them with the stable release.

14. We have one price sheet for all customers. - Yes

We do not differentiate, yes. 


15. Our top executives are on Skype, Twitter, or some similar channel, and: Feel free to contact them directly at any time. - Sort of

We are not doing good with Skype or Twitter: we have a rather infrequently updated company account which we are planning to post to more often and one of our developers runs tweets on his everyday development. However we do respond quite fast on our forum and via email and do encourage you to contact us.

Final score: 33/45

Two notes to the final score:

  • We do not beleive in over valueing ourselves. The score represents the real value of our software right now: not bad, but far not perfect. We value your time and do not want to trick you in trying out this software and be disappointed. As we've said: it does exactly what we say it does. Try it yourself by downloading.
  • Our product is stillin beta phase. A lot of the checklist items missing right now (like installer, localization) will be included in the stable release of Sense/Net 6.0.

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