Bye Bye Portal File System - Hello Sense/Net Content Repository

I've mentioned earlier that we are about to release the first "mission ready" beta of the SenseNet 6.0 software. By mission ready I mean that according to our plans it'll be the last release with breaking changes. 

One of these changes is the refactored and improved version of the Portal File System SenseNet Content Repository. Beyond having it's name changed there's a lot of changes under the hood. The new version have better support for some importan enterprise development scenarios like caching and service oriented applications and behaves better under heavy load. A detailed migration document with the breaking changes will be released along with the Beta 3.

Oops, and yes, we now have a planned Beta 3 release date: 18th of March. 20th of March 25th of March :) (The easiest way to hit the project deadline on time is to use retrospecting...)



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