User Friendly Content Type Editor in Silverlight

I have just received this screenshot showing the working prototype of a Silverlight based Content Type Editor. As you know, Content Type Definitions or CTDs are stored in the Content Repository (SNCR or PFS) as XML. While XML editing is nice and simple for coders, it is a nightmare and minefield for business users. So what we need is an editor that creates a valid CTD XML  with a friendly and foolproof GUI. Since we wanted to try Silverlisght as an ECMS GUI for quite a while, we decided to do this one in Silverlight. This is just a layer built on top of the XML CTD, so business users can use the nice GUI, while coders can use the raw XML. This Content Type Editor will later become a Form and List editor, so business users will be able to create lists, inventories and forms with a few clicks. We are also keen to see how this thing runs with Moonlight, so we stay browser and client OS independent. Enjoy the shot, I think the GUI needs no special explanation - we can see a list of content types and the content type "user" in detail.

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5/30/2009 3:29:33 AM #

Downloaded latest binaries and source couldn't find this, can anyone tell me how I can see this functionality?
Thanks in advance

Tamás Bíró
6/30/2009 10:22:12 AM #

Hi vishnu!

This feature will be in the next beta.


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