Portal Explorer 2.0

The original Portal Explorer has been the administrative interface for Sense/Net 6.0 since the beginning of development - that means almost a year and half. It was well constructed but not really lightweight - neither on client side nor on server side.

We decided that it was time to radically change the workings of it and with the lead of Attila we are proud to introduce a faster and better administrative interface - Portal Explorer 2.0.

The first and most important difference that you will notice that Portal Explorer 2.0 is much faster than its ancestor when it comes to refreshing panels. This is mainly because it uses services to communicate with the server and uses client side controls instead of server side ones. We've migrated from the Ext JS 1.1 JavaScript framework to Ext JS 2.2 which also gave a performance boost. 

What you will probably admire at least as much - if not more - is new functionality added: multiple contents can be selected at once in the list pane, quick search in the grid have been introduced and some minor features tweaked to make everyday work more efficient in Portal Explorer.

Now it is possible to select multiple contents in the grid and copy, move or delete them. Multiple selection behaves very much like in Microsoft Windows Explorer, so you can use the Ctrl and Shift buttons while selecting elements. 


Navigation has been made easier by showing Search in an Accordion on the Navigation pane. You can type in any name you are searching for and results will appear in the list pane. You don not have to be too specific when searching because in the list pane there is a new Quick Search function where search is only done within results of the list pane - this happens on client side making results appear without any delay. 

The Actions menu has been replaced with the New Content menu. In the New Content dialog you can see the description and the icon of the content types you can choose to create.

At the same time all dialogs have been made uniform, which results in an interface easier to get familiar with.

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