Sense/Net adopts the CMIS standard - the first in .NET world

We have developed a CMIS draft implementation in Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 2, soon to be released. It is possibly the first .NET implementation, as all supporting companies except from Microsoft are JAVA based. It is surely the first open source implementation on the .Net platform.

What is CMIS? Quoting WikiPedia: “Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is a proposed standard consisting of a set of Web services for sharing information among disparate content repositories that seeks to ensure interoperability for people and applications using multiple content repositories. EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Alfresco, Open Text, SAP and Oracle have joined forces to propose CMIS, the first Web services technical specification for exchanging content with and between Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The proposed standard has been registered for public comment with OASIS. More specifically, Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is a technical specification domain model (data and services) for interacting with an ECM repository via Web Services. It provides a content management domain-specific data model, a set of generic services that act on that data model and several protocol bindings for these services, including: SOAP and Representational State Transfer (REST)/(Atom).”

Since Sense/Net 6.0 is both an Enterprise Portal and an Enterprise Content Management System, with its own Content Repository, we wanted to showcase how easy it is to use the .NET platform, WCF and Sense/Net 6.0 to implement the standard.

Our demo is a two way implementation, because our content repository has a CMIS service interface and our portal has a CMIS client Webpart (portlet). So other CMIS clients can access our contents, but our portal can aggregate content from other CMIS compliant systems, such as next generation SharePoint, Alfresco and others.

We are also building an online CMIS demo, which is accessible from our website, but is under construction, so it might not work all the time. The demo features two CMIS webparts. One is able to navigate the content repository; the other is able to aggregate content from two sources that you can enter. The screenshot above is the CMIS test webpart, showing the PFS root contents. The services can also be accessed, just copy the URI-s from the input boxes. It even works with a simple browser, showing XML. There is no authentication, so no login is required. 

The source code will be available within a few days, please stay tuned. is available for download from 

Read more about the proposed CMIS standard at OASIS:

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