Geek paradise - access your ECMS from PowerShell command line

Our team lead developer is a real geek, and we love him for this. He wrote a Microsoft Power Shell plugin that enables users, especially developers and command line addict sysops to access the Portal File System (PFS) from a command line interface.

As you can see from the screesnhot, the first commands install the plugin, so when you type CD TNG: you actually switch the current directory to the PFS root. A simple DIR command lists the folders from the PFS, indicating the content type, YourInternet is not a Folder, but a Site.

And now for something completely different. The crazy stuff comes now. You change to YourDocuments. DIR gives you nothing, as the folder is empty. But there is the NEW-ITEM command, which creates ECMS contents right from the command line. So why not create some cars, by which I mean Car content types. Another DIR and the cars are listed... But you can also list any of their Fields, in the next example the complex DIR gives you the make and Model fields of the cars.

Another example, when you read a reference property of a content. In this example, we navigated to the IMS folder where users and groups are store, and listed the Members of the Administrator group.

Plans for future functionality include mounting multiple PFS instances and copying contents from one to another, using the copy command. Stay tuned, you geeks.

Nice job, Gyebi.

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10/20/2008 12:55:42 PM #

I'm shocked! Nice job!

Orosz Gergely
10/23/2008 1:21:41 AM #

Hopefully Gyebi will add some easter egg commands as well. Smile

Orosz Gergely
10/23/2008 1:22:06 AM #

Oh, and just wondering: will rm -r work?? Seriously.

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