Will Sense/Net support Google Chrome?

Wow. I just covered IE8 beta and Firefox 3.1 Minefield on friday, and yet another new browser, Google Chrome comes in my way. I don't want to be evil, but how many will be too much? Normally, competition is good for business, and so should it be for the browser world.

It's been hours since the unveiling of Google Chrome, and people are already asking me, if we will support it. The answers is easy, and consists of two parts. If it will be popular (more than a few percent penetration) we will have to support it. On the other hand, we should be able to support it without doing anything, just as in the case of Firefox 3.1, which works seamlessly with Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG's AJAX GUI. So the answer is YES, we will support it. If we have to rewrite code, we will support it later.

I like the idea of a browser that is built for running applications, not displaying pages. I have asked some of our developers, and they are skeptical. They say it is too good to be true. I simply can not wait to try Sense/Net Portal Engine on it.

See my previous post about IE8 and Minefield.

So what can I do, I am waitig for the download... as soon as I can get a copy of Chrome, I will run the same test, and put the results here OK, we tried Google Chrome and it worked pretty well. Only one problem occurred, the Webpart drag and drop function did not work - the page started to scroll while we dragged the webpart, and there was no way we could drop the part into a new zone. Well, we wanted to rewrite this part soon anyway, so it's not a big problem I hope. Fortunately, Chrome has lived up to its promises so far. Very positive.

Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG function Google Chrome
PRC drag and drop  OK, fast and smooth
PRC functions OK
Page edit mode (Webpart edit mode) Portlet (webpart) drag and drop is slightly buggy
Webpart custom editor OK
Portal Explorer load OK, fast
Portal Explorer tree OK, fast
Portal Explorer list OK
Portal Explorer dialogs (copy, move, new) OK
Dialog drag and drop OK
Rich text editor (works with modified tinyMCE) OK, fast, absolutely usable
Conclusion: 9 OKs

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