Acquisition, Bigger Team, New CTO

I was quite busy recently, no time for blogging. The reason is that we were working on the acquisition of a competing company. IVY Ltd is a development firm with 12 people and 3 products, one of which is a .Net based EPS/ECMS. Sense/Net acquired 100% of IVY and it will be merged into Sense/Net, we are already in the same office, just started our first project together.

With the acquisition of IVY, the new 12 members of our staff bring new competencies into our portfolio, such as LAMP (linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Silverlight and SOA. Zentai Péter Áron "Zpace", the former CEO of IVY became our new CTO. He has also joined the TNG team as chief architect. 

The previous post in the Devblog about queries is his. Péter is a fan of the latest, cutting edge technologies, such as Linq, Silverlight and SOA in general. The coolest features of IVY's products will be built into Sense/Net Portal Engine, so the development will be accelerated a little bit. 

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