Saying goodbye to PfsHandler

Hi Guys (and Girls) out there!

I'm Gergo, I'm a developer in the TNG team.

In the last few days I dived deep into the ASP.NET infrastructure. We had an HttpHandler-based solution for serving out ASP.NET pages from the PortalFileSystem. It started as a "quick-and-dirty but good enough for a software in alpha phase" solution. It was high time to replace it with a "clean and clear" one.
This implementation is based on a HttpModule (I dropped our HttpHandler, the default ASP.NET handler serves the pages - "keep it simple", aka "no woman, no cry"). Now there's a context object wich can be accessed via the PortalContext.Current property. If you're familiar with the HttpContext class, it must not be a big suprise... It makes the life much easier if we (you) want to add some extra URL rewriting and/or friendly URL handling functionality.

Although I could write pages about the technical details now I'm not going to do that. I started to work at 6:30 AM (it's quite uncommon), so it's high time to leave.
See you tomorow morning, till then here's a screenshot with a (finally!) working demo-product-page:

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