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Gyuri did really good job on the new design of the Demo Portal. When TNG ships, we give users a demo portal, which is a fully functional portal of our favourite fictional company, Beer Co. Beer Co has undergone an image facelift, their new design is more web 2.0, but corporate style at the same time. This design will be used in the beta, and for creating screenshots in the documentation.

Here is the preview:

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Design Professor
1/22/2008 2:35:21 PM #

It is beautiful like Gyuri's all works, but i dont feel it would be a perfect site for a beer seems a page of a consulting company

2/11/2008 2:28:06 PM #

I just wanted you to know that I wrote a post about TNG in my blog (

To tell the truth, this design is really nice but I didn't write a word about it. (Just didn't find any other place to inform you about the post.)

I also sent a blogmark to Weblabor (

Sándor Kiss
3/6/2008 10:12:22 AM #


Thanks for speading the word. Smile

Sándor Kiss

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