Publish documents containing sensitive data with redaction

Introducing: redaction. A powerful tool to control who has access to sensitive information in your documents. [More]

Sense/Net Content Repository now supports OData

Many of our users were asking for a REST API for the Sense/Net Content repository. I have good news: Sense/Net Community 6.2 now has a REST API, based on the OData standard. OData is a data access protocol from Microsoft released under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, so anyone can use and implement it for any purpose, for free. The protocol was designed to provide standard CRUD access of a data source via a website. OData has been submitted to OASIS. OData follows many of the princip... [More]

We are hiring!

Sense/Net is hiring developers, designers, GUI specialists and more to its Budapest office and to our new research center in Veszprém.

Raising the dead - How to find out what makes your website seemingly dead?

There are certain situations, when your website or web app stops responding. Your browser shows an hourglass, but your server load is never near 100%. What does you server do than? Here is a short and easy way to find out what does your server do instead of serving up pages. More precisely, here is a way to find out where exactly your web app stops working. We used this tool recently to find a hideous bug in a portlet. The portlet called a webservice, that was fast all the time, exce... [More]

Screenshot of a working Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 4 Workspace

Here is the first working version of the Workspace in Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 4. Code release is planned for next Friday, 24th of July. Stay tuned.  This is a real screenshot made from a working version, unlike the one created in Corel Draw in my previous post.

Sneak preview of Sense/Net Workspaces

I would like to share the first draft GUI design for a Sense/Net 6.0 Workspace. Workspaces are special containers in the Content Repository, where you can store all data related to a given thing, such as a project or some other team activity. The most common things to store in a Workspace is documents, but memos, calendar events or deadlines, images, announcements and other items are also possible. Each Workspace has a Dashboard, where the activity in the Workspace is easy to foll... [More]

Live demo in Berlin

I will demonstrate Sense/Net 6.0 in Berlin on the 11th of June in Collegium Hungaricum. If anyone is interested to come and meet me in person, this is a great opportunity. Please send me an e-mail or use the contact us form on to notify me, and I will send you a personal invitation. If you speak German, you might also consider visiting the site of the event.

Sense/Net 6.0 Installer

Our team has come up with a new installation method. Instead of restoring a database file, now we have an installation wizard which creates the default structure and contents in the Sense/Net Content Repository. This has many advantages, the best is that it gives us the opportunity to add more default structures and let the user decide which on to use, eg. the one with a sample portal or an empty one. The new installation tool will be released soon.

User Friendly Content Type Editor in Silverlight

User Friendly Content Type Editor Prototype in Silverlight [More]

How I ended up in the red light district

No, no, it was not in Amsterdam, but in London, in’s studio, recording my 60 second pitch.  Silicon’s 60 second pitch is a video feature where suppliers like Sense/Net can pitch their products to a panel of current and former heads of IT, who will then have the opportunity to ask questions before saying whether they like it or not by giving a green or red light. So this is how I ended up in the red light district, getting some reds, ouch. The video was recorded... [More]

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