Indexing activity queue speedup

In Sense/Net ECM we rely heavily on our Lucene indexing and search engine: every content modificatio [More]

Localization: helper tool for converting strings to resources

We recently anounced that finally the whole Sense/Net ECMS is internationalized: all visible texts are easily localizable. All our core content types, portlets and views contain only string resource keys instead of hard-coded English texts. To achieve this, we created a couple of internal helper tools to extract hard-coded strings and replace them with string resource keys. We did not release these tools with the official community release of Sense/Net 6.2. These tools are experimental, but... [More]

Introducing Sense/Net performance counters

In the latest release (Sense/Net 6.1, you can get it here) there are a number of performance improvements. We decided to include a module in the product that helps these kind of development tasks. Performance counters are well-known tools for measuring the performance of a Windows application or web site. Sense/Net provides several built-in performance counters and lets developers add their own custom performance counters. These can be used to measure the performance of a custom module by wri... [More]

Custom view for the custom fields

Peter already wrote a few words about managing the custom fields of a Content List. The idea is that the collection of the custom fields can be presented as a list itself. This is possible because the topmost layer (e.g. a ListView) only needs a collection of Contents to work. The background of this - using Content fields with the standard Eval method and the way of presenting the custom fields as a list of Contents - will be a subject of another post (dynamic, in-memory content type creation, a... [More]

A rapid performance test

When you look at a simple page in our world of TNG, you see lots of contents. The articles themselves, the header image, the results of a query, everything is a content. Even a simple page can come with a several dozen of contents and sometimes a plugin has to work with hundreds, maybe thousands of contents in a single request. The latter is not a common scenario, but we should prepare for that, too. Of course we made strong efforts to design a really good cache but in some cases - for example h... [More]

My first content type

Hi there! This is Mike, the guy who is working on the Oracle data provider of the PFS. But today I'm writing this post in a different role. It's time to use the system, it's time to create my first content type definition (CTD).One of our clients needed a Reseller search module for his portal. The task is simple: the user selects a Town from a list and gets the Resellers located there. I'm sure there will be lots of posts about such things like creating a GUI with different metho... [More]

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