Performance Tips in Sense/Net

In this article we’d like to give you Sense/Net CMS users a couple advice how to keep your portal fast or make it more responsible to user requests. We gathered the most common solutions for performance issues we have encountered so far: Use NodeObserver with caution NodeObserver is useful when you want to do something whenever a node is being created or changed but it can also cause a huge performance issue when hundreds or thousands of nodes are being processed. Prefer AS... [More]

XSLT: How to convert NaN (Not a Number) to zero

Are you using XSLT to render pages in Sense/Net? I'm sure you have already seen NaN when you wanted to work with numbers.NaN is a value of numeric data type representing an undefined or unrepresentable value.This could happen, for example, when you're trying to access the value of a Number Field of an unset referenced Content. If you still want to use some value instead of NaN then you may find this piece of code useful:[code:xml]<xsl:variable name="priceOfBooks" select="sum(Fields/Price)" /... [More]

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