The future of Content Management and Sense/Net

Julian Wraith recently started a debate on the future of content management. Darren Ferguson attacked the question from a different angle listing real-world vendor issues that need to be fixed before moving forward. He also encouraged vendors to evaluate themselves to see what issues they need to work on. Here is the list and how Sense/Net 6.0 deals with these issues. ISSUE FIXED IN SENSE/NET 6.0 I want to access your CMS w... [More]

Extreme WYSIWYG - Web Content Editor in TNG

Most open source CMS systems only deal with Web Content, while Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG is an Enterprise Content Management platform. But on the other hand, most ECM software do not deal with Web Content at all, or to a limited extent. We have experience with the WCM features of MOSS, and they aren't the best. For years, our customers demanded total WYSIWYG web based content editor. When designing TNG, we had two equally important goals concerning the CMS system. ... [More]

Portal Remote Control issues

It looks fine, it works fine. You are able to edit the page with this translucent and draggable tool. A little eyecandy for you but beside all it's quite a useful feature! There is some additional information on the PRC panel displayed on the page: Page Name, Version, Page Template, Mode and Status (as you can notice on the screenshot below, this page is checked out for the user who has the permission to edit the page). I've tested PRC both on Windows (XP SP2) an... [More]

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