Tutorial: Customizing RegistrationWorkflow

RegistrationWorkflow contains a SendMail activity which sends a confirmation e-mail to the person who wants to register to your site. The content of the e-mail such as the subject and body are specified right inside the workflow definition (/Root/System/Workflows/RegistrationWorkflow.xaml). This short tutorial will show you how to localize and even customize these texts using String Resources. We usually refer to the content which represents the WF4 Workflow in the repository as StateCont... [More]

Everything about Workflows

Workflow is a widely used concept that has many different definitions. See Wikipedia:Workflow article for a detailed overview. In Sense/Net we consider it as a way for modelling business processes. We integrated Windows Workflow Foundation 4 into the portal to have a well-known and standard framework for defining and developing workflows. Continue to read on Sense/Net Wiki ...

Sense/Net Workflow

Good news: we have integrated Windows Workflow Foundation 4 into Sense/Net 6.0! The basic business idea for creating a workflow is the following: Workflow templates can be created now in Visual Studio 2010, later in the rehosted Workflow Designer, from the browser window. This should be task of the .NET developers, be it a vendor or the customer. Workflow parameters should be set by the builder/consultant from the browser UI So, if the process changes at an organization, a de... [More]

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