Sense/Net OData tips and tricks

Today I’m here to show you some examples and tricks about using this API to the fullest. [More]

Tutorial: Applying for a job position using Survey

Let's assume that you have an IT company and you're looking for new employees for a bigger project. You have a website powered by Sense/Net but you never created any Survey with it. This tutorial will help you to create a survey for people who applies to your job offer. At first our job is to figure out what questions we want to ask from the candidates. Survey question planning On the first page of the survey we gather some personal information:Your name Date of birth Work experience Are ... [More]

Tutorial: Customizing RegistrationWorkflow

RegistrationWorkflow contains a SendMail activity which sends a confirmation e-mail to the person who wants to register to your site. The content of the e-mail such as the subject and body are specified right inside the workflow definition (/Root/System/Workflows/RegistrationWorkflow.xaml). This short tutorial will show you how to localize and even customize these texts using String Resources. We usually refer to the content which represents the WF4 Workflow in the repository as StateCont... [More]

Tutorial: How to build a simple list-based Intranet with Sense/Net 6.0?

We created another evaluation guide to help you folks working with Sense/Net 6.0. The second guide from the series will teach you about the basic principles such as Workspaces, Lists, Check-out/Check-in, Version control and the benefits of Workflow versus Simple approval. In the second part we will show you how to build an Intranet site using workspaces and lists. You can find the tutorial here: The first guide can be ... [More]

How to build a site from scratch in Sense/Net 6.0?

We're happy to announce a little guide to all of our existing and future partners which will help you to take the first steps with Sense/Net 6.0 and build a sample product listing site. This guide describes the basic principles including the Pages, the Smart Application Model, the Query syntax and The Skin System. In the second part of the guide you will learn how to define a Content Type and it's Content View then use it in different Portlets. You can find the guide here: http://www.sens... [More]

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