Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG unveiled

Yesterday we finally announced Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG to local press and our existing customers. A lot of people came, and they all seemed to love the idea of doing an Open Source project. Now we are uploading stuff to the portal, so stay tuned. The best article is on the local Computerworld website (Hungarian) at Now I have to get back to work. There is an interactive Feature Map for TNG that I have to finish right now. We also go... [More]


It is unbelievable. We are launching. Next week, on the 6th of December, we are finally launching Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG as an Open Source product. It feels funny, after so many years of being a Microsoft fan, we have made an Open Source software. But it is also cool, because we did it and we are proud of it. We have put many hours of development into this stuff, an I hope you will download it, like it and use it. i have to finish blogging for now, because if I do not build it, www.portalen... [More]

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