Redesigning find the SN7 story of yours

Hello again! We've been working on restructuring SenseNet ECMS as a product for a while; now it's time to change the way we connect with people.
The next milestone on our roadmap is to redesign our website in order to make it more streamlined and transparent for you. [More]

Sense/Net 6.5.3 Community Edition

Sense/Net ECM 6.5.3 Community Edition: we've made a whole bunch of performance tweaks to make the system generally faster and more reliable. We figured out a way to allow even the craziest characters is login names and upgraded some third party components. For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at our changelog. [More]

Sense/Net Community Edition Released!

Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community EditionThis half year we have been working quite fiercely to bring you the long-awaited release of Sense/Net 6.0. Download this Community Edition to see what we have been up to.These months we have worked on getting the WebCMS capabilities of Sense/Net 6.0 up to par. New features include: New, powerful page and portlet editing experience. HTML and CSS cleanup, new, powerful site skinning system. Upgraded, lightning-fast indexing and query via Lucene. Limit... [More]

Welcome to the blog!

Sense/Net ECM is ever evolving. Community means the world to us so we want to keep you apprised on what’s happening on our side of the woods. Want to make us happy? Add a comment and tell us what you think!

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