Permission Overview Tool: Making Sense of Your Permission Nightmare

Have you ever wanted to know the permissions of a certain user, not just for a single content but in the whole system? We had a permission setting page for a long time but that did not give administrators the full picture. From now on you can make use of our brand-new permission visualization tool! [More]

Permissions at the speed of light

 Load 25 000 nodes with a query  Time needed Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 1 and Beta 2 21 sec Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 8.7 sec Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3.1 3.7 sec ... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0 architecture model

The TNG architecture model focusing on object storage and management; understanding differences between Nodes, ContentHandlers, Contents and ContentViews. [More]

Identity Management System in TNG

Screenshot of Portal Explorer in Mozilla, showing the Identity Management System (IMS). [More]

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