Portal Remote Control customization in SN7

The next step on our road to SN7 was to make the Portal Remote Control (PRC) customizable. Since the PRC is built-up with action links, based on SN7’s templating, the newly created templates enabled us to create skinnable solutions for the admin tasks as well. Thus, with SN7 you will be able to build not only a fully customizable UI for end-users, but also develop skin-related content- and site-administration interface, that is handy and easy to use for your editors and admins. [More]

Portal Remote Control issues

It looks fine, it works fine. You are able to edit the page with this translucent and draggable tool. A little eyecandy for you but beside all it's quite a useful feature! There is some additional information on the PRC panel displayed on the page: Page Name, Version, Page Template, Mode and Status (as you can notice on the screenshot below, this page is checked out for the user who has the permission to edit the page). I've tested PRC both on Windows (XP SP2) an... [More]

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