An Open Source Alternative for Vignette v8?

Vignette v8 is a next generation enterprise web content management tool. Previous versions of the product power some of the most sophisticated sites on the web. The latest release will be available later in 2009, however a video previewing Vignette v8 is already available. Based on this video it is safe to say that Sense/Net 6.0 already provides most of the functionality Vignette v8 introduces. See both videos - both the video on Sense/Net 6.0 and the video on Vignette v8 - and judge yourse... [More]

The future of Content Management and Sense/Net

Julian Wraith recently started a debate on the future of content management. Darren Ferguson attacked the question from a different angle listing real-world vendor issues that need to be fixed before moving forward. He also encouraged vendors to evaluate themselves to see what issues they need to work on. Here is the list and how Sense/Net 6.0 deals with these issues. ISSUE FIXED IN SENSE/NET 6.0 I want to access your CMS w... [More]

CMS Vendor Meme - The Sense/Net 6.0 response

Even though we have not yet been tagged by the CMS Vendor Meme started off by Day. So far we have been left out of tagging so we decided to join without being tagged. And to keep the flow going we are tagging Umbraco and DotNetNuke and Liferay to participate.   "WE GET IT" CHECKLIST FOR VENDORS 1. Our software comes with an installer program. - Not yet As of now it does not: you have to install Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 manually. However the installer is under developme... [More]

Is dual licencing really open source?

Yes it is. Many make the mistake in saying, that the Enterprise (aka Commercial) version of dual licensed open source products is not open source. In our case, it is still open source, so you get the full source code, and you can do many things with it. But why pay than? What is the commercial version for? Because the commercial or enterprise version is a cleaned up version of the code, it is tested and proven. The community version (the free, unsupported) is based on the recent comme... [More]

Ad danger to open source?

I have just come across a post an ZDNet about how advertising can affect open source. It claims that open source can be in danger if closed source comapnies start campaigns against them. It also raises the question how will open source projects defend themselves in the media. But it does not say anything about open source projects that are backed by companies (such as Sense/Net). Companies like Sun or IBM, who spent millions on open source will not use their left hand to hit the right... [More]

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