Content Types - The Basis Of Sense/Net 6.0

Content Types are the heart and soul of Sense/Net 6.0. A content type is a reusable set of fields you want to apply to certain contents.  Everything (every content) you see in Portal Explorer and on Sense/Net 6.0 portal pages is defined by Content Types - all the files, users, groups, webcontents, page templates, pages and even folders. If you will be building a site the first thing you will be bumping into are Content Types. For example if you want to run a news site the first t... [More]

My first content type

Hi there! This is Mike, the guy who is working on the Oracle data provider of the PFS. But today I'm writing this post in a different role. It's time to use the system, it's time to create my first content type definition (CTD).One of our clients needed a Reseller search module for his portal. The task is simple: the user selects a Town from a list and gets the Resellers located there. I'm sure there will be lots of posts about such things like creating a GUI with different metho... [More]

What is Content Type Definition?

You don't have to be a programming guru to be able to define new Content Types in the ECMS part of Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG. Content Types define the structure of an enterprise content in the ECMS. Content can be anything that you want to store, display, list, search, query, set access rights to and so on. Content can be anything, a word document, a contract, az ISO document or memo, a web article, a piece of news, a blog entry, a forum topic, a page, a picture - everything that has some ... [More]

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