Portal Explorer 2.0

Introducig Portal Explorer 2.0 [More]

Access your contents from Total Commander, Windows Explorer or Visual Studio

Yeeeesssss. Portal builders, developers and end users will all love this feature. Now you can access your contents from Total Commander, Windows Explorer or Visual Studio, or anything that supports the WebDAV protocol. You can even map it as a drive. So you can hav P:\ as the root folder of your Portal File System. Check out the screenshot with the first working prototype. This is a big boost to productivity for both builders and end users, because now you can work from your favourite ... [More]

Porting Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG to Mono and Oracle

We have been developing on .Net for several years now. C#, the .Net class libraries, Microsoft SQL Server and the Visual Studio IDE are an ideal environment for developing business applications. The only drawback we have been struggling with was the dependence on the Microsoft Windows platform.I have been checking out the Mono framework occasionally for the last two years. Our former portal version (Sense/Net Portal 5.5) had some glitches when we tried to run it on Mono. After two days of tweaki... [More]

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