CMS Vendor Meme - The Sense/Net 6.0 response

Even though we have not yet been tagged by the CMS Vendor Meme started off by Day. So far we have been left out of tagging so we decided to join without being tagged. And to keep the flow going we are tagging Umbraco and DotNetNuke and Liferay to participate.   "WE GET IT" CHECKLIST FOR VENDORS 1. Our software comes with an installer program. - Not yet As of now it does not: you have to install Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 manually. However the installer is under developme... [More]

What is Content Type Definition?

You don't have to be a programming guru to be able to define new Content Types in the ECMS part of Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG. Content Types define the structure of an enterprise content in the ECMS. Content can be anything that you want to store, display, list, search, query, set access rights to and so on. Content can be anything, a word document, a contract, az ISO document or memo, a web article, a piece of news, a blog entry, a forum topic, a page, a picture - everything that has some ... [More]

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Sense/Net ECM is ever evolving. Community means the world to us so we want to keep you apprised on what’s happening on our side of the woods. Want to make us happy? Add a comment and tell us what you think!

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