Will Sense/Net support Google Chrome?

Wow. I just covered IE8 beta and Firefox 3.1 Minefield on friday, and yet another new browser, Google Chrome comes in my way. I don't want to be evil, but how many will be too much? Normally, competition is good for business, and so should it be for the browser world. More...

Comparing Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and Firefox (Minefield) 3.1

I have read posts about both the new Mozilla browser and Internet Explorer 8. Peter and I decided to run a quick lab test to see how fast and compatible are the new browsers. It was obvious to use Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG for the test, since we are about to release it on the 30th of September, and it has lots of AJAX based GUI-s. This was just a really quick smoke test to see if our apps fail at basic operations such as browsing the content repository, or editing portlets. In our ... [More]

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