Sense/Net Content Repository now supports OData

Many of our users were asking for a REST API for the Sense/Net Content repository. I have good news: Sense/Net Community 6.2 now has a REST API, based on the OData standard. OData is a data access protocol from Microsoft released under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, so anyone can use and implement it for any purpose, for free. The protocol was designed to provide standard CRUD access of a data source via a website. OData has been submitted to OASIS. OData follows many of the princip... [More]

Senset/Net 6.0 Content Repository RESTful API in ASP.NET MVC

From Beta5 Sense/Net 6.0 will be packed together with the ASP.NET MVC assemblies as some of the core functionality is implemented using ASP.NET MVC. As this point we use ASP.NET MVC in our revamped properietary Content Repository RESTful API. In this interpretation ASP.NET MVC provides us a superlightweight approach to expose RESTful functionality without the complexity and higher cost of ownership of Windows Communication Foundation. ASP.NET MVC integration to the Sense/Net 6.0 Smart Applicat... [More]

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