Permissions at the speed of light

 Load 25 000 nodes with a query  Time needed Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 1 and Beta 2 21 sec Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 8.7 sec Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3.1 3.7 sec ... [More]

Hands On Lab #1 on

I've just posted a 4 step hands on lab to, check the download section. What's in it: Build up a site from zero  Create a pagetemplate Use shared portlets via pagetemplate Create a page structure Create a "Dog" content type Create some publication scenarios

Sense/Net 6.0 Installer

Our team has come up with a new installation method. Instead of restoring a database file, now we have an installation wizard which creates the default structure and contents in the Sense/Net Content Repository. This has many advantages, the best is that it gives us the opportunity to add more default structures and let the user decide which on to use, eg. the one with a sample portal or an empty one. The new installation tool will be released soon.

CMS Vendor Meme - The Sense/Net 6.0 response

Even though we have not yet been tagged by the CMS Vendor Meme started off by Day. So far we have been left out of tagging so we decided to join without being tagged. And to keep the flow going we are tagging Umbraco and DotNetNuke and Liferay to participate.   "WE GET IT" CHECKLIST FOR VENDORS 1. Our software comes with an installer program. - Not yet As of now it does not: you have to install Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 manually. However the installer is under developme... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 released

It's now only the matter of minutes and our newest release will be revealed on Codeplex. There is a lot work in this release and we do hope you will enjoy its results. In the last minute we found an important scenario in the Source Code version that leeds to an unexpected behavior by pressing F5 in the VS solution. The Visual Studio  development experience is a key aim for Sense/Net 6.0, therefore the Pending release in Codeplex remains pending untill the solution for the issue is teste... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 new features

This upcoming release of our Beta 3 will contain quite a number of new features. Here is a compact list: Sense/Net Content Repository (aka the renamed and refactored Portal File System)  SenseNet.Portal.Portlet.PortletBase (ASCX and XSLT ready, cacheable portlet base)  SenseNet.Communication namespace for Email and Distributed Appli... [More]

Bye Bye Portal File System - Hello Sense/Net Content Repository

I've mentioned earlier that we are about to release the first "mission ready" beta of the SenseNet 6.0 software. By mission ready I mean that according to our plans it'll be the last release with breaking changes.  One of these changes is the refactored and improved version of the Portal File System SenseNet Content Repository. Beyond having it's name changed there's a lot of changes under the hood. The new version have better support for some importan en... [More]

User Friendly Content Type Editor in Silverlight

User Friendly Content Type Editor Prototype in Silverlight [More]

How I ended up in the red light district

No, no, it was not in Amsterdam, but in London, in’s studio, recording my 60 second pitch.  Silicon’s 60 second pitch is a video feature where suppliers like Sense/Net can pitch their products to a panel of current and former heads of IT, who will then have the opportunity to ask questions before saying whether they like it or not by giving a green or red light. So this is how I ended up in the red light district, getting some reds, ouch. The video was recorded... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3, Package installer and XSLT support

The new Beta release is comencing. This part of a release phase I enjoy the best: the new features we planned for the release are rolling down from the assembly line each and every day. Pretty much an Xmas for a guy like me. The Beta 3 release aims two targets. Firstly we are planning to achieve a level of readyness able to serve a pruduction installation and as such is ready to be used in a commercial project. Secondly we are adding a couple of new features and modules that are a must... [More]

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Sense/Net ECM is ever evolving. Community means the world to us so we want to keep you apprised on what’s happening on our side of the woods. Want to make us happy? Add a comment and tell us what you think!

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