XSLT: How to convert NaN (Not a Number) to zero

Are you using XSLT to render pages in Sense/Net? I'm sure you have already seen NaN when you wanted to work with numbers.NaN is a value of numeric data type representing an undefined or unrepresentable value.This could happen, for example, when you're trying to access the value of a Number Field of an unset referenced Content. If you still want to use some value instead of NaN then you may find this piece of code useful:[code:xml]<xsl:variable name="priceOfBooks" select="sum(Fields/Price)" /... [More]

How to avoid unwanted code execution in Content Handler

While you’re working with Sense/Net it’s really common to write your own Content Handler to execute special actions before or after a Node gets created, modified or deleted. Sooner or later it turns out that some lines of code shouldn’t be executed when you're importing all your contents into the Repository. In the following example I will show you a really simple and useful way to avoid the above scenario. Let’s say that you’re overriding the OnCreating event of... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community Edition .NET 4 release

I am happy to announce that we have uploaded a WebPI 3.0 package with our newest achievements. The package is called Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community Edition .NET 4 release and can be grabbed from Codeplex. Our plans with this update were to provide a painless evaluation experience plus to prepare the ground for the soon to be comming Razor/ASPNET WebPages features. Top features are: - .NET 4 Framework support - SQL CE 4.0 Support - WebMatrix based eval experience and simple development .NET 4 Fra... [More]

Sense/Net Community Edition Released!

Sense/Net 6.0.1 Community EditionThis half year we have been working quite fiercely to bring you the long-awaited release of Sense/Net 6.0. Download this Community Edition to see what we have been up to.These months we have worked on getting the WebCMS capabilities of Sense/Net 6.0 up to par. New features include: New, powerful page and portlet editing experience. HTML and CSS cleanup, new, powerful site skinning system. Upgraded, lightning-fast indexing and query via Lucene. Limit... [More]

Sense/Net Partners

We have signed up the following partners recently: Netmatrix (Canada, US) as a Platinum Solutions and Hosting Partner, Object-Source (UK) as a Platinum Solutions Partners, Vertech (Global) as an OEM Partner for the glassmakers industry Dynafix Group (Global) as an OEM Partner for an integrated CMS/CRM solution for the winemakers industry Many thanks for everyone!

Sense/Net Workflow

Good news: we have integrated Windows Workflow Foundation 4 into Sense/Net 6.0! The basic business idea for creating a workflow is the following: Workflow templates can be created now in Visual Studio 2010, later in the rehosted Workflow Designer, from the browser window. This should be task of the .NET developers, be it a vendor or the customer. Workflow parameters should be set by the builder/consultant from the browser UI So, if the process changes at an organization, a de... [More]

Download Sense/Net 6.0 Beta5

Its here! Release highlights Content Lists (previously Listers) have been improved internally, and augmented with an intuitive user interface. Workspaces are now ready for real-life deployment and everyday work. We finally implemented indexing and search via Lucene.NET, boosting overall speed by several magnitudes. A new permission management system has been added, boosting overall speed and providing full support for ACLs. We have re-thinked the Content Type hierarchy, and in the pr... [More]

Efficient JSON communication in ASP.NET MVC

A really short example on how ASP.NET MVC can be used for two-way JSON string communication. using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Web.Mvc;using SenseNet.ContentRepository.Storage;using SenseNet.ContentRepository.Storage.Security;using System.Web.Script.Serialization;using System.Runtime.Serialization.Json;namespace SenseNet.Services.ContentStore{ public class JsonFilter : ActionFilterAttribute { public string Param { get; ... [More]

We are hiring!

Sense/Net is hiring developers, designers, GUI specialists and more to its Budapest office and to our new research center in Veszprém. www.sensenet.com/jobs

Custom view for the custom fields

Peter already wrote a few words about managing the custom fields of a Content List. The idea is that the collection of the custom fields can be presented as a list itself. This is possible because the topmost layer (e.g. a ListView) only needs a collection of Contents to work. The background of this - using Content fields with the standard Eval method and the way of presenting the custom fields as a list of Contents - will be a subject of another post (dynamic, in-memory content type creation, a... [More]

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