Preview documents without downloading

Have you ever needed to browse through a big bunch of Office files? When you have to download, open, scroll, close for each document one by one? When you have to do this like 200 hundred times? Did you enjoy it? No one does. With Document Preview, you can page through documents without downloading, without even leaving your browser. And you don’t even need a plugin, so no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX (yuck), only pure html and JavaScript. So pure it even works on tablet browsers. And it sav... [More]

Sense/Net OData tips and tricks

Today I’m here to show you some examples and tricks about using this API to the fullest. [More]

Sense/Net Content Repository now supports OData

Many of our users were asking for a REST API for the Sense/Net Content repository. I have good news: Sense/Net Community 6.2 now has a REST API, based on the OData standard. OData is a data access protocol from Microsoft released under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, so anyone can use and implement it for any purpose, for free. The protocol was designed to provide standard CRUD access of a data source via a website. OData has been submitted to OASIS. OData follows many of the princip... [More]

Localization: helper tool for converting strings to resources

We recently anounced that finally the whole Sense/Net ECMS is internationalized: all visible texts are easily localizable. All our core content types, portlets and views contain only string resource keys instead of hard-coded English texts. To achieve this, we created a couple of internal helper tools to extract hard-coded strings and replace them with string resource keys. We did not release these tools with the official community release of Sense/Net 6.2. These tools are experimental, but... [More]

Introducing Sense/Net performance counters

In the latest release (Sense/Net 6.1, you can get it here) there are a number of performance improvements. We decided to include a module in the product that helps these kind of development tasks. Performance counters are well-known tools for measuring the performance of a Windows application or web site. Sense/Net provides several built-in performance counters and lets developers add their own custom performance counters. These can be used to measure the performance of a custom module by wri... [More]

IT HAS ARRIVED! The New Resource Editor!!!

Type in the resources= parameter to the address bar: If you are an Administrator, every string resource will be highlighted: From here you can see immediately which labels can be localized on a page and which cannot. These are also links, so CLICK! Every language appears that has been configured in the Site's CTD, with the corresponding string resource values. If no value has been given yet, the textbox is empty. The string resources can be freely edited here in-place, and the corresp... [More]

Localizing javascripts

Sense/Net comes with built-in Localization features to enable users to translate their sites and/or change language settings of pages by a single click. The CMS also provides means for developers to make javascripts localizable. This comes handy when you are developing Ajax features that create Html DOM elements with labels, or simply work with labels. To access a resource class, simply include the following tag at the very top of the javascript file: // resource MyClass T... [More]

Query template replacer

During projects it is sometimes necessary to use custom query templates. For example, if you want to gather content that was created not longer ago than one year with respect to the current date. In lucene query this is impossible to define, but you can always create your own custom template replacer. The trick here is to inherit from LucQueryTemplateReplacer. Here is an example from the product:   public class PortalLucQueryTemplateReplacer : Repository... [More]

Tutorial: Applying for a job position using Survey

Let's assume that you have an IT company and you're looking for new employees for a bigger project. You have a website powered by Sense/Net but you never created any Survey with it. This tutorial will help you to create a survey for people who applies to your job offer. At first our job is to figure out what questions we want to ask from the candidates. Survey question planning On the first page of the survey we gather some personal information:Your name Date of birth Work experience Are ... [More]

Integrating a SilverLight multi-file uploader control in Sense/Net

The current version of the portal uses a Flash multi-file uploader ( to upload files to the Content Repository. This tool is fast and reliable, but since it uses Flash, it sometimes has trouble when the portal uses NTLM authentication, especially when accessed via Internet Explorer. For that reason it might be worthy to try some SilverLight upload controls, as they support NTML authentication natively. There are some great multiple file uploader controls on the web (ie.... [More]

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