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When we announced Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG, we wanted a fancy picture browser. Since I am an Apple fan, it was a CoverFlow GUI programmed in Flash. If you clicked on a picture folder, the pictures loaded in a fancy way. As time passed on, we realised that this feature would be nice to have for all Content types in the PFS, so it is now called Preview Mode. Any content in the PFS can have a preview mode icon, which loads when the contenet is listed in a container. So pages, users and folders a... [More]

What is Content Type Definition?

You don't have to be a programming guru to be able to define new Content Types in the ECMS part of Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG. Content Types define the structure of an enterprise content in the ECMS. Content can be anything that you want to store, display, list, search, query, set access rights to and so on. Content can be anything, a word document, a contract, az ISO document or memo, a web article, a piece of news, a blog entry, a forum topic, a page, a picture - everything that has some ... [More]

Unveiled: there's a machine in the ghost!

Recently I blogged about the dropping of the Pfs HttpHandler, and about a new HttpModule that creates a PortalContext instance for each request that should (could) be served from the portal. There are excellent ASP.NET developers without any knowledge about these modules and handlers. They use the Web Forms / Web Controls infrastucture, and enjoy the magic called ASP.NET that makes this all possibe. It's a very good thing - likely your customers don't think in HTTP requests and respo... [More]

Portal Remote Control issues

It looks fine, it works fine. You are able to edit the page with this translucent and draggable tool. A little eyecandy for you but beside all it's quite a useful feature! There is some additional information on the PRC panel displayed on the page: Page Name, Version, Page Template, Mode and Status (as you can notice on the screenshot below, this page is checked out for the user who has the permission to edit the page). I've tested PRC both on Windows (XP SP2) an... [More]

Saying goodbye to PfsHandler

Hi Guys (and Girls) out there! I'm Gergo, I'm a developer in the TNG team. In the last few days I dived deep into the ASP.NET infrastructure. We had an HttpHandler-based solution for serving out ASP.NET pages from the PortalFileSystem. It started as a "quick-and-dirty but good enough for a software in alpha phase" solution. It was high time to replace it with a "clean and clear" one. This implementation is based on a HttpModule (I dropped our HttpHandler, the d... [More]

First Beta Customer

Our first TNG customer has agreed to disclosing their identity. We have started a Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG based real-life portal project for the second biggest telco in Hungary, Invitel. If you check out today (see date of post), you will see that it is running on the current version of Sense/Net Portal Engine. I have to admit, that taking part in such a project with a still beta product is a brave move from Invitel. I personally respect companies that make such decisions and ... [More]

Identity Management System in TNG

Screenshot of Portal Explorer in Mozilla, showing the Identity Management System (IMS). [More]

Preparing for the closed beta

Finally, it seems we have code that works.  By the end of March, we will be able to release an early beta for a limited number of selected beta testers. There is a working installation package, working ECMS features including the Portal File System (PFS) with permissions and versioning, the Portal Explorer GUI with an early version of the search, Portlets and the Portal Remote Control, and some test portlets. To honor the bugs of Windows, someone created a custom CSS for the ASP.Net error p... [More]

Mono screenshot

Although our current focus is getting the beta out as soon as possible, the team is also working on migrating the system to Mono. The following screenshot is showing the Portal Explorer. Both server and client side is running on Linux with the latest nightly Mono build.   The implementation of Ajax in Mono is brilliant. The Portal Explorer runs and behaves the same as in a Windows .Net environment.

Beta schedule change

Let me inform all of you who have signed up for the Closed Beta Program that we are somewhat behind schedule. We are working hard, but closed beta testing can only start in March. This means that Public Beta Testing will be delayed to May. We will keep you posted in this blog, so please be patient and use the RSS.

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