Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG - modular extensibility

If you would have doubt how extensible the the new portal framework will be just have a look on the steps of the hardcore manual installation of a portlet - It at least sheds some light on the extensibility and implementation model of our system.  

Using the Sense/Net Portal File System in non web environments

Portal File System can be used both in ASP.NET and in nonweb environments such as Winforms and console applications, Windows services, etc. This is usefull for the following development scenarios First time users: experiment and play with the PFS in a console application to get immediate results Use PFS as a general purpose content repository regardless of application type Create data storage agnostic, business entity oriented application... [More]

A rapid performance test

When you look at a simple page in our world of TNG, you see lots of contents. The articles themselves, the header image, the results of a query, everything is a content. Even a simple page can come with a several dozen of contents and sometimes a plugin has to work with hundreds, maybe thousands of contents in a single request. The latter is not a common scenario, but we should prepare for that, too. Of course we made strong efforts to design a really good cache but in some cases - for example h... [More]

Ad danger to open source?

I have just come across a post an ZDNet about how advertising can affect open source. It claims that open source can be in danger if closed source comapnies start campaigns against them. It also raises the question how will open source projects defend themselves in the media. But it does not say anything about open source projects that are backed by companies (such as Sense/Net). Companies like Sun or IBM, who spent millions on open source will not use their left hand to hit the right... [More]

Sense/Net 6.0 architecture model

The TNG architecture model focusing on object storage and management; understanding differences between Nodes, ContentHandlers, Contents and ContentViews. [More]

The Triwizard Tournament of Browsers

We have just covered the two new browsers, and a few days have passed. Now we have yet another one around, tossing its name in the goblet. So I decided to summarize the three tests in one post.The test for all three browsers was the same. It is a really quick end user test to see if our app fails at basic operations, such as browsing the content repository or editing portlets. The app we used for testing is the AJAX based GUI of our open source Portal & ECMS. In our test we used the fol... [More]

Will Sense/Net support Google Chrome?

Wow. I just covered IE8 beta and Firefox 3.1 Minefield on friday, and yet another new browser, Google Chrome comes in my way. I don't want to be evil, but how many will be too much? Normally, competition is good for business, and so should it be for the browser world. More...

Comparing Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and Firefox (Minefield) 3.1

I have read posts about both the new Mozilla browser and Internet Explorer 8. Peter and I decided to run a quick lab test to see how fast and compatible are the new browsers. It was obvious to use Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG for the test, since we are about to release it on the 30th of September, and it has lots of AJAX based GUI-s. This was just a really quick smoke test to see if our apps fail at basic operations such as browsing the content repository, or editing portlets. In our ... [More]

Finding a SharePoint alternative

I have just come across a blog post about Alfresco on CMS Watch. In his post Alan Pelz-Sharpe writes that Alfresco is more developer friendly, especially when you want to push SharePoint beyond its limits. I agree that it is easy to push MOSS to its limits, and also agree that there are certain hardships you have to face when you develop with MOSS. But I still can not see how a JAVA based product could be a real alternative. More...

Distributed Cache in Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG

Huhh, quite a time since the last post, so many things to care about as the planned release commences. Last week we've finalized the cache implementation of the Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG so I decided to share some of its more important or interesting aspects. More...

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