Integrating a SilverLight multi-file uploader control in Sense/Net

The current version of the portal uses a Flash multi-file uploader ( to upload files to the Content Repository. This tool is fast and reliable, but since it uses Flash, it sometimes has trouble when the portal uses NTLM authentication, especially when accessed via Internet Explorer. For that reason it might be worthy to try some SilverLight upload controls, as they support NTML authentication natively. There are some great multiple file uploader controls on the web (ie.... [More]

Sense/Net important wiki docs

We don't usually post it if there are new wiki articles available at - we are constantly documenting new and old features. However, in the last core development sprint - in correspondence with some new stabilization features - a couple new important articles have been created, that relate to the topic of indexing and communication between application domains. It is highly recommended for everyone who uses Sense/Net to read these articles, as they may clarify a lot of ... [More]

Tutorial: Customizing RegistrationWorkflow

RegistrationWorkflow contains a SendMail activity which sends a confirmation e-mail to the person who wants to register to your site. The content of the e-mail such as the subject and body are specified right inside the workflow definition (/Root/System/Workflows/RegistrationWorkflow.xaml). This short tutorial will show you how to localize and even customize these texts using String Resources. We usually refer to the content which represents the WF4 Workflow in the repository as StateCont... [More]

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