Fiddler as a system proxy cracks windows authentication

We are in the middle of a project where Fiddler makes our work easier with monitoring internet traffic between our web service and Microsoft Word. Firstly, we set up our Sense/Net portal to use windows authentication to work with WebDAV and also associated the computer’s host name with the site because this is the only way for Fiddler to be able to monitor local traffic between our webservice and Word. There seemed to be a configuration problem in some computers when trying to open files assoc... [More]

xsd.exe – specified path or file name too long

I’ve just ran into an annoying issue when trying to create C# classes from several XML schemas using the XML Schema Definition Tool (a.k.a xsd.exe). This small tool allows you to process more schema files the same time by specifying the following parameter: /P[arameters]:file.xml - Read options for various operation modes from the specified .xml file. The short form is '/p:'. (source: XML Schema Definition Tool (Xsd.exe)) Here’s a small example of file.xsd telling the tool which sc... [More]

Performance Tips in Sense/Net

In this article we’d like to give you Sense/Net CMS users a couple advice how to keep your portal fast or make it more responsible to user requests. We gathered the most common solutions for performance issues we have encountered so far: Use NodeObserver with caution NodeObserver is useful when you want to do something whenever a node is being created or changed but it can also cause a huge performance issue when hundreds or thousands of nodes are being processed. Prefer AS... [More]

Everything about Workflows

Workflow is a widely used concept that has many different definitions. See Wikipedia:Workflow article for a detailed overview. In Sense/Net we consider it as a way for modelling business processes. We integrated Windows Workflow Foundation 4 into the portal to have a well-known and standard framework for defining and developing workflows. Continue to read on Sense/Net Wiki ...

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