Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 5 preview is on

The source code only version of the Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 5 has just made available on codeplex as an alpha release. There are quite a number of things we need to polish before we can reach production quality. And we are hardly working hard on the evaluation materials too that describe the Beta 5 features in detail. So get this version to experiment only with the Sense/Net 6.0 Content Lists, the Templated Field Controls and the Lucene based Content Query.  Do not implement anything ... [More]

Announcing Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 5 XmasAlpha1 :)

Due to a number of reasons (some of them are the flu epidemic, the release scope changes and the global warming) we could not reach all of our goals for Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 5 till December 24.  We will release a source only preview – because we promised it and although the system is DANGEROUSLY UNSTABLE, the new features surely worth a look. First and foremost the most important new features are: Lists and Libraries We now have a fully working Content List feature. Lists are collect... [More]

Searching a tree structure with Lucene.Net

  1: /* 2: Newsflash! 3: 4: It’s now just a couple of days and we release Beta5. 5: In that the Content Query infrastructure is moved to the Lucene platform. 6: Sense/Net 6.0 endorses the eat your own dogfood philosophy, 7: so the Content Query feature is massively used across the system 8: in the core functionality. Even the repository type system 9: relies on the Content Query layer. 10: We expect a nice boost in th... [More]

Senset/Net 6.0 Content Repository RESTful API in ASP.NET MVC

From Beta5 Sense/Net 6.0 will be packed together with the ASP.NET MVC assemblies as some of the core functionality is implemented using ASP.NET MVC. As this point we use ASP.NET MVC in our revamped properietary Content Repository RESTful API. In this interpretation ASP.NET MVC provides us a superlightweight approach to expose RESTful functionality without the complexity and higher cost of ownership of Windows Communication Foundation. ASP.NET MVC integration to the Sense/Net 6.0 Smart Applicat... [More]

Beta5 and RTM release deliverables have changed

We reevaluated our BETA5 and RTM plans in response to some really important customer feedback. According to this: performance and reliability of the ContentQuery feature in large sized implementations are more important then the workflow feature. We also learned from our customers that the WF3 penetration is still not a factor we should consider as legacy. Therefore we won’t target WF3 as our Workflow platform – we go directly with the WF4 version. This also has impact on our final p... [More]

The sn:SenseNetDataSource is here!

I am really excited to announce that today -as part of the Beta5 marching- we checked in the SenseNetDataSource feature. With this new ASP.NET DataSource you can use the Sense/Net Content Repository with the rich set of DataBound controls  provided by Microsoft and other vendors (like GridView, ListView or Form) to produce more in less time using the data driven, rapid application development approach. Also, the SenseNetDataSource (and some other controls I’ll tell you about later)... [More]

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