PFS structure basics - for administrators and developers

PFS structure and hierarchy, entities, nodes and a brief review on nodes from a developers viewpoint [More]

Final release roadmap

I am happy to announce the final release roadmap for Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG. Tomorrow, the first TNG based site goes live. In a few days, we prepare the code of that site and make it available for download for selected beta testers. In August and September there will be a closed beta test, and we will work on the portal of another major client. We also plan to finish missing parts, especially portlets. Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG Beta 1 will be publicly ... [More]

Quality centric development - the way the Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG is created

One thing I was really seduced by getting a member of the TNG dev team was the totally cool and enterprise level way the product is created. Unit tests are crucial. And not just by the corporate quality rulebook: developers have adopted the concept of only treating a code ready when sufficient tests are also created. So we have tests, lots of tests covering as much of the source and the functionality as possible. Today Gyeby - the TNG dev lead - revealed that for the PortalFileSystem we ha... [More]

Choosing a Default Skin

We have started preparing for the First Release. In the installation packed, we needed a Default Skin, a skin which will be used to build the pages in the default installation. We have abandoned the idea of using a Beer manufacturing company for the demo portal, as we respect cultures where alcohol is not welcome. so we decided to use the design of our own intranet, which is totally politically correct. This is the screenshot of our current intranet, similar to our website. The HTML used to bui... [More]

Portlet adventures part I - say hello world

This is the first in a series of posts on building custom portlets for the Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG. The good news is: it is as simple as it can be and all you have to do is to subclass from the SenseNet.PortalEngine.Portlet class, implement your custom portlet logic with C# code and then place yours assembly in the portal application assembly discovery path (for example the Bin folder). That's it. As for the bad news there is no bad news here as the Portal Engine TNG Portl... [More]

Acquisition, Bigger Team, New CTO

I was quite busy recently, no time for blogging. The reason is that we were working on the acquisition of a competing company. IVY Ltd is a development firm with 12 people and 3 products, one of which is a .Net based EPS/ECMS. Sense/Net acquired 100% of IVY and it will be merged into Sense/Net, we are already in the same office, just started our first project together. With the acquisition of IVY, the new 12 members of our staff bring new competencies into our portfolio, such as ... [More]

Expression based queries in the PFS

Update (2009.03.27): From Sense/Net 6.0 Beta 3 Portal File System (PFS) is called Sense/Net Content Repository (SNCR) Our apple of the eye PFS is getting smarter and smarter every day. Beyond its capabilities in storing typed information in an arbitrary object tree or graph, PFS also provides (or under the way to start providing :)  a wealth of tools to create and execute queries at runtime against the datastore. While we have PortalFileSystem.Search namespace at hand with its Que... [More]

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