Get to know the TNG Team

We have uploaded an introduction from the TNG team. We also added photos, we hope you like them.

Porting Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG to Mono and Oracle

We have been developing on .Net for several years now. C#, the .Net class libraries, Microsoft SQL Server and the Visual Studio IDE are an ideal environment for developing business applications. The only drawback we have been struggling with was the dependence on the Microsoft Windows platform.I have been checking out the Mono framework occasionally for the last two years. Our former portal version (Sense/Net Portal 5.5) had some glitches when we tried to run it on Mono. After two days of tweaki... [More]

Sunday Afternoon

I made some updates on the portal. I also checked out the Beta Signup and about 30 people already registered. It came to me as no surprise, that most of the registered users check "I am looking for a SharePoint alternative" on the form. ;-) I can not wait until these people download the code and give us feedback. I can not tell how excited am I about the project. Next week you can expect more and more content, so stay tuned. We have made pictures of the TNG Team so we will p... [More]

Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG unveiled

Yesterday we finally announced Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG to local press and our existing customers. A lot of people came, and they all seemed to love the idea of doing an Open Source project. Now we are uploading stuff to the portal, so stay tuned. The best article is on the local Computerworld website (Hungarian) at Now I have to get back to work. There is an interactive Feature Map for TNG that I have to finish right now. We also go... [More]

Welcome to the blog!

Sense/Net ECM is ever evolving. Community means the world to us so we want to keep you apprised on what’s happening on our side of the woods. Want to make us happy? Add a comment and tell us what you think!

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